2ndOffice provides clients with an easy, hassle and headache-free way to acquire the best Container products at the best prices.

Thinking of embarking on a project or require Container products for your existing project and need to source or buy at the best price based on a specific/special criteria? Save time & money! As industry leader in Container solutions, let's supply you the right solution while you focus on your key activities.

Any Health Risk?

Are Shipping Containers Hazardous to Your Health?

Due to health related issues, 2ndOffice Limited do not recycle used Shipping Containers for the building offices or homes in contrast with many companies in Trinidad and Tobago today. We specialize in Modular Containers for our solutions. Now, the most common and sensible safety question is "do shipping containers contain harmful chemicals?". Is it suitable for living or for use as office? Without giving you a direct YES or NO, let us explain (click here to read on)