2ndOffice provides clients with an easy, hassle and headache-free way to acquire the best Modular Container, Prefab and/or warehouse products at the best prices.

Thinking of embarking on a project or require office/warehouse space for your existing project and need to such at the best price based on a specific/special criteria? Save time & money! As premier and industry leader in modular container/prefab solutions, let's supply you the right solution while you focus on your key activities.

Our Products

Modular Office Container

We help our clients with supply and delivery of any kind of modular office container solutions at the right costs. Our supplies of offshore and/or office modular containers are tailored to the unique needs of our clients and specific characteristics of their container solutions. NOTE: We do not utilize modified or used container for any of our solutions but rather we use modular container such as the picture in our gallery of projects completed.

Rental Services

We provide rental of mobile office container offices. Whether you're in need of Business or Construction office space on rental basis, our container solutions are available in many sizes with many features to choose from. Contact us to make an enquiry about availability of 20ft or/and 40ft office container.

Prefab Building Structures

Depending on our clients' preferences, we utilize modular containers using EPS, Aluminium or WPC Cladding to provide prefabricated building structures tailored to suit the needs of your business. Enjoy quality and faster build times at a perfect balance of cost, quality and durability.

Prefab Warehouse

Do you need Prefab steel warehouse, a commercial building for storage of goods and/or for your operations? Depending on your specific requirements, we provide ideal solution to warehousing needs.  We can utilize H type steel, C type steel and Z type steel to combine or build the framework for your structure. We really need to talk!